Notes from a history of Grandma
Alldredge mentioning her father, Newman Van Leuven:
“Maria Delila VanLeuven (known as Delila) was born to Mariah Elizabeth Durfee and Newman VanLeuvan on theeleventh day of November 1882 in Aurora, Utah, a town named by her fatherand meaning “beautiful.” She learned from her parents about the beauties of the earth. She had a happy and active childhood in Aurora, made up of both work and play. Her carpenter father made toys for his children - little chairs, dressers, and tables and she had dolls and other playthings. She often enjoyed a game of checkers or dominos with her father.”

Poetry of Newman Van Leuven

by Newman VanLeuven -Aurora, Utah - May 11, 1887
poetry title
Two brothers young together launched
Their barks upon the billowy tide;
Each fortified with equal powers
Went forth upon life's ocean wide.

Ere quite a score of years had passed
Their history-Ah! must I tell?
Yes, the one with pride and pleasure
The other, alas! not near so well.

One rang the bell of Wisdoms Parlor
And as a guest was welcomed in;
He found the rules were hard indeed
Which made him harder strive to win.

A place among the noble there
And merit an immortal name;
Like a Webster or a Shakespeare
Noted in the annals of fame.

The other rowed with equal strength--
Gave his rudder no special care;
Hence soon upon life's ocean deep
Like many million others foundered there.

A score of times that brother helped
This needy one out of despair;
And cautioned him with a brother's love
To man his rudder with greater care.
The one most bravely spent his strength
Battling fiercely the surging tide;
Nobly guiding his moral ship
With integrity for a guide.

This admonition had no effect
So great were the pleasures of sin;
That his own kind, loving brother
Was grieved to own him as his kin.

As time rolled on in sin he grew
Until so wretched he became;
That wife and children, pleased were they
When death relieved him of his pain.

Now the life of each is ended
And their history has been told;
Now young friends just draw the contrast
Of those two brothers when they were old.

Ere you launch out in this sinful world
Consider well which road you'll take;
For on the start, you make the mark
So in your choosing make no mistake.

That when life's course is nearly run
You may with pride review the past;
And know the path which you have trod
Will give your soul sweet peace at last

To benefit the ignorant mind-
Peace, peace! to the immortal Soul,
Christ has paved the way to the goal
Where you can rest in blessed peace
With an eternal joy increased.
Inspiring thoughts to mortals given
Through the gospel revealed from Heaven
To bring them back again to life
Through the great atoning sacrifice.
Before the modern prophet arrived
Many theories were devised
But none the perfect plan revealed
Until the Heavens were unsealed.
Then the light, the light from Heaven
Through the Prophet Joseph given
Revealed the sacrificial plan
Of the immortality of man.
Man's probation upon this earth
Is to prepare him from his birth
For eternal happiness to come
Where dwells the Father and the Son.